This Hoop is gorgeous! The tourmaline Cone has a deep ruby color. The gold filled fine endless hoop with the drop is sexy & elegant at the same time. Great Quality, style &  a great price exclusively at Eat,Craft,LOVE.


  • 50 mm - ex large size Endless thin hoop (diameter 50mm x 1.2 mm thickness)
  • Semi Precious Tourmaline Cone Drop

also available in 30mm

Hand Assembled in the USA. Each piece is custom made to order.

14kt gold filled hoop, Semi Precious Drop (real Gold Plating)

Over-sized 50mm - 14kt Gold Filled Endless Hoop - Semi Tourmaline Cone drop

  • Hoops Size - 50 mm Diameter - 1.2mm thick tube (gold Filled)

    Semi Precious Pink Tourmaline Cone Drop - 10x11mm (Gold Plated)