This Hoop is gorgeous! The tourmaline Cone has a deep ruby color. The gold filled fine endless hoop with the drop is sexy & elegant at the same time. The cone drop sits close to the earlobe, providing a more contemporary style. Great Quality, style at a great price exclusively at Eat,Craft,LOVE.


14 mm - Small size thin hoop (diameter 14mm x 1.2 mm thickness) Gold Filled 


Semi Precious Tourmaline Cone (gold Plated)


See Measurements & Details Section.

Also available in X - Large 50 mm & Medium/Large 30mm

Hand Assembled in the USA.

Each piece is custom made to order.


14kt gold filled hoop, Semi Precious Drop (real Gold Plating)

14kt Gold Filled 14mm Endless Hoop - Semi Tourmaline Cone Drop

  • Hoops Size - 14 mm Diameter - 1.2mm thick tube (gold filled)

    Tourmaline Cone Drop - 10x11mm (22kt gold plated)