What's all the HOOPLA!

Shop our all NEW MUST HAVE Hoops!

Update your hoops ears with our relevant, thin, fine, sexy looks. Great quality, style & prices sold ONLY at Eat, Craft, Love. Hand assembled in the USA & Custom ordered.

Gold Hoop (14kt Gold Filled Hoop) Available in 30mm & 50mm options- Clear Quartz Semi Precious Glacier Drop.

Gold Filled Endless Hoop - Tourmaline Semi Precious Spike Drop. Available in 30mm & 50 mm hoop size.

14kt Gold Filled Endless Hoop - Diamond Dust Gold Ball Accent. Available in 30mm & 50mm Hoop Size. Note: Much more shimmery in actual.

Shark Tooth Hoop - Available in Sterling Silver .925 Gold & Rose Filled.

Sterling Silver .925 Endless Hoop - Sterling Silver .925 Startdust Ball Accent.

Note: Stardust Ball is much more shimmery in actual.

Rose Gold filled Endless Hoop - Rose Gold & Crystal plated pave ball. 50mm X Large hoop.

14kt Gold Filled Endless Hoop - Clear Quartz Semi Precious tooth drop.

Available in 30mm & 50mm hoop size.

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