What is a tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and a drop?

Okay…So I have frustratingly read and/or heard these vague terms in recipes so many times… a pinch, a tad, a drop - what the hell? Can you just state the actual amount?? I didn’t realize there are specific measurement amounts for these terms/words often used in recipes. I found the definitions below on line.

TAD = 1/4 tsp DASH = 1/12 tsp PINCH = 1/16 tsp SMIDGEN = 1/32 tsp DROP = 1/64 tsp

During my online research I was so excited to find an actual coordinating measuring spoon set! Woo Hoo!! I immediately ordered one of these bad boys on Amazon. I can now use and refer to these measurement amounts in my recipes as a guide…but either way it’s probably always safe to add just a tiny bit 😉 Remember: You can always add…but you can’t take it away.

The back story:

While writing up a recipe post, I was struggling to mentally measure the amount of seasoning off the top of my head. I wanted to make sure the amount would be safe enough for anyone to use. When I create/cook my own recipes; I just add the seasonings in the amounts to my desired taste – which is very seasoned and flavorful. I do NOT have a specific measurement amount that is easily translatable. Not everyone’s taste is the same. Especially as far as salt & spicy goes. When you are cooking it is a good idea to try and understand how much seasoning is to your desired taste level. This will help you get a natural feel for “how much is enough for you”.

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Measuring Spoon Set - A tad, drop, smidgen, dash....

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