65 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Hip gathering place open all day serving seasonally-driven, global plates & cocktails.

Stop the horses; Hold the phone; Shut the front door. I thought I was bailing out of the Lower East Side. Like every old idiot before, I griped to anyone who would hear, "The LES is just not the same any more." Of course, those idiots were all talking about the Ramones and GHBGs or whatever it was. And Mars Bar. Gross. This idiot is talking about the invasion of destination dining like Dirty French, Contra/Wildair, and Russ & Daughter's Cafe. Go to the deli and wait, smashed like a sardine in a tin, for your number to be called like everyone else. So it was refreshing to stumble on LES dining like it used to be: tasty, inventive food, low key, local patrons. Sonnyboy. Its a new Aussie place on Rivington just on the other side of Allen. The staff are friendly and food is terrific and affordable. Best part is you can get a cocktail before noon on a weekday. They also have a few outdoor tables if the weather is warm. These types of restaurants mostly moved to Brooklyn. And now we've come full circle, haven't we? Its like Brooklyn dining in Manhattan! The menu has nice mix of vegetarian and meatatarian dishes. But I think the vegetarian dishes are more interesting. My favorite so far is the Burrata Fig Toast pictured. Also check out two dishes I passed right over on the menu, but look amazing and taste just the same: Harissa Folded Eggs, and the Hotcake. The spicy salmon is good too; just a hint of zing, really. Not too much. I haven't tried any of the entrees yet, other than the burger. This just because the appetizers and salads, like peaches and halloumi, were more interesting looking to me.

The place is quite small and I'm sure its going to take off and become hard to get a table without a wait. If so, Jadis down the street is a great wine bar to wait for your table. Contributing Editor: RoobsNY

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