Shuka, NYC

38 MacDougal Street, NYC

Do you love mediterranean food? Well I do! Shuka, in NYC has been on the top of my foodie bucket list. I wanted to try almost everything on the menu, see the food porn pics below. You must must go. The food & the cocktails were amazing, the ambiance, decor and service was really on point. A nice crowd, big bar and a very romantic atmosphere. A good date nite spot and for larger groups. Perfect for the fall & upcoming holiday season.

If you do go, please share your experience.

P.S. You need a reservation.

Great Cocktails - The 2nd most perfect margherita. The best margarita is served at Club S&L.

Fattoush Salad, Hummus & Falafel. The fried cauliflower special* was really tasty too.

Grilled Shrimp Kebab - Perfectly seasoned and flavorful. Sometimes I find shrimp dishes tend to be bland or under seasoned. The lamb & fish kebabs* were also a YUM!

Warm Chocolate Babka Dessert - NOT kidding, this was the best damn babka I ever had. Totally worth every single calorie - A MUST TRY!

Pretty Fall atmosphere.

There is a pretty enclosed garden.

* picture not shown

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