Pasquale Jones  

187 Mulberry Street, NYC

This has been on my bucket list for a while now. The draw was the yummy pizza porn pics. I am a sucker for a good slice. I actually am a pizza foodie connoisseur. I will travel far & wide for a yummy pie! So, I finally made it - I had a nice business lunch. The restaurant is located in Nolita, the decor is kind of a modern 70's retro vibe. The crowd was a mix of fashion, marketing & advertising folk, which I felt totally right at home. A nice place for a business lunch/dinner, friends get together, after work. Not too fancy & not to casual. The pizza was very very good - Neapolitan style. Excellent wine list as well. The menu is not a huge menu, but concise. Prices are a bit on the higher side, but not uncommon for the hood, the vibe & the quality.

Margherita Pie

LOVED THIS!!!! Printed on the side of the pizza

Little Neck Clam Pizza

Beet Appetizer

Duo Pizza Ovens

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