Fresh Summer Tomato Salad A La Bronx Style!

Fresh Tomato Salad Over A Whole Wheat Round Biscuit.

My absolute favorite summertime lunch! My mom would make this in the summer for us. As children we loved this meal. Another option would be a fresh tomato salad, served with Italian cheese like provolone or Caciocavallo with a loaf of sliced Italian Casa bread only from Addeo Bakery  So Simple but - oh so delish! Thanks Mom~

P.S. this also makes a great summer dinner appetizer....


If you are close enough to shop on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, that is great! If not, you can find the ingredients elsewhere.

Arthur Avenue Shops:

Addeo bakery -

Teitel Brothers - Italian Specialty Imported Cheeses, Olive Oils, etc. Sold at

Fresh Produce sold: Arthur Avenue Retail Market - 2344 Arthur Avenue, Bronx NY 10458

Ingredients: 4 Whole wheat round biscuits (Available in Italian bakery & specialty stores. @addeosofbronx 6 ORGANIC Red Plum tomatoes.

Fresh Herbs: - Fresh Oregano leaves - 1/2 Teaspoon - Fresh Chopped Basil - 1/2 Tablespoon SEASONINGS: - Dried oregano - 1/8 teaspoon - Garlic Powder - 1/16 teaspoon - Sea Salt (season to taste) - Crushed Black Pepper (season to taste) - EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil - 2-3 tablespoons - Balsamic Glaze (drizzle)

Serving - 4

Whole Wheat Round Biscuits - Sold at Italian Bakeries and Italian Deli/Specialty Shops.

Sold at

Mix the chopped tomatoes with the fresh herbs. Add the olive oil and seasonings.

P.S. you can add chopped red onion (1 tbsp) to the mix for a nice kick.

Taste & adjust flavor with seasonings.

Seasoned tomato Salad Mixture In order to soften the biscuit; quickly wet the biscuit under the water faucet. Only wet the inner area of the biscuit lightly.

Add the tomato mixture on top of the biscuit, the juices will soak in to the biscuit.

Drizzle with Balsamic Glaze & ENJOY!

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