Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I was deciding where we would travel to this year so.....I checked my "Bucket List" board on Pinterest. I have been pinning to this board for a few years now and it contains all the sites I would love to see at some point in my life. As I looked through my board I realized many of the sites I pinned were in Portugal.

We decided to go and explore this amazing country. To be honest I didn't know what to expect. To my surprise it was just magnificent, the sites, the people, the culture, the food! I have to admit as an Italian American this goes against my DNA, but the Olive Oil in Portugal is even more delicious than in Italy and their wines are fabulous too! Our hotel was in Lisbon and we took tours to the various towns listed.

Some of my favorite towns to tour in Portugal were:

*Lisbon (Walking tour of this great city!)

*Fatima (A holy site to see)

*Sintra (A fairy tail Land)


*Obidos (A Medieval town)

*Cascais (The "Monte Carlo" of Portugal)

Pao' De Deus - The Bread of God!

This amazing country is definitely worth the trip!

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